The Brooklyn born lyricist known as Lost Soul has roots in Hip Hop that can be traced all the way back to the golden era. While attending the famed High School of Art & Design whose famous alumni include Organized Confusion, Kwame, Pumpkin Head (R.I.P.), and Mobb Deep it was there where he began to learn his craft as a rhyme writer. His earliest teachers and mentors were members of the Blackwatch Movement whose members included the legendary group X-Clan along with Isis, Queen Mother Rage, Just-Ice, and YZ. During his time with them he learned about social and racial injustice, and the part that Hip Hop would play in addressing those issues which would inspire his writing and lyrical content. 

      A few years later he would go on to help form a group of lyricist called Da Last Suppah along with producer Juice Da Witch Docta, and several others, he found a small degree of success by having his music appear on New York radio station Hot 97. At the time they had a weekly show called Home Jams that featured unsigned artist in the late 1990's hosted by Big Dennis Rivera and Flavor Flav. He would then go on to work with producer Sir Kapital who helped get him noticed by Lord Bless (R.I.P.) who was the host of Bless Me Videos, which aired on several local cable stations through out NYC. After several appearances Lord Bless then introduced him to Big Murph, who hosted the internet radio show Soul Jamz and the first to play his music online for the world to hear in the early 2000's. 

      At the height of the MySpace Music era Lost Soul teamed up with the group Brother Hood 603 (Arewhy & Thanos) who also hailed from Brooklyn, and the internet radio airwaves was bombarded with new music from the trio that seemed to appear on a near weekly basis thanks to Big Murph and others. In 2010 with their help along with producers Gambit, Sir Kapital, and Souneik (R.I.P.) Lost Soul would finally release his first digital album called DREAMS DIE HARD. Thanos would play a huge role production wise over the course of his first several albums, even producing his entire third album and first EP back to back. His first two videos WE DON’T PLAY (featuring Brother Hood 603) and THE NIGHT I DIED would be featured on the legendary Video Music Box, hip hop’s longest running video show which helped jump start so many careers during its forty plus year run. 

      Over the course of the next decade and a half Lost Soul would go on to record and release a total of six digital albums and two EP's listed here in order DREAMS DIE HARD in 2010, POETIC RESURRECTION in 2012, APOCALYPTIC VISIONS in 2014, PATH OF THE MAD (EP) in 2015, THE LAST TARGARYEN in 2018, THE LONG NIGHT in 2021, TALES OF A LOST SOUL (THE THROWBACK EP) in 2022, and the recently released ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYN as of this writing in May, 2024. He has also released nearly a dozen videos from singles featured on nearly all of his releases including his current single and video WE'RE NOT THE SAME produced by Kovid Beats and directed by Kareem Bland, who has directed nine of his eleven videos. He's also a regular on internet radio most notably on Sugarwater Radio hosted by DJ Franchise & Nu Gurl, with his music being featured internationally for more than a decade. 

     The new album ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYN, is filled with head banging tracks that promises to deliver lyrically as he continues to define “grown folk hip hop” as more and more artist from eras gone by continue to sharpen their skills and release new music. For those craving an bold, aggressive, and updated version of that classic rap sound with fiercely versatile lyrics, this is the album for both the O.G.s and young guns alike. He has been blessed by numerous producers on this new album including several he's worked with for the very first time as well as his established beat makers. The tone of this new album is set back to those wild nights on those hot pre-gentrified Brooklyn street corners, as he lyrically shares his triumphs, his failures, his wins and his losses as only he can, This is definitely the album not be slept on as he adds to his already lengthly catalogue.